Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Login Page

                                                LOGIN DETAILS
  • Download and Install the Mozilla Fiefox 8.0 version or above.
  • www.filehippo.com (Download Mozill Firefox from this  web address.
  • Collect the User-Id and Password from ESIC Officials. After receiving the User-Id and Password, please open ESIC portal using Internet Connection.
  • Type the ESIC web address in browser address bare.
  • ESIC web address is www.esic.in
  • User Name and Password provided by ESIC Office.  
Figure : 1

  • User name is your 17 digit employer code.
  • Password is provided by ESIC office.
  • Click login Button.


  1. the website "www.esic.in" is not working

  2. if there is an award for the worse website in india, it must goes to esic. we hardly have the opportunity to log in and complete the work. it is too bad for the department that they don't still rectify the same

  3. The worst site development award go to this site. it sometime works and sometime sleep like its employees. how the people will get benefit from esi. it should charge money if an employer can deposit money in time.

  4. how i know that i am member or not in ESIC because my amount was deduct

  5. I know that esic applicable amt wash deducted..

  6. i think they need to do something about this site , it is very irritating when you did not get any support on this .